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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a TRAC Lease?
A: TRAC stands for Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause.
It is a specific lease that has certain tax advantages.
Check with your accountant to see how you may be affected.


Q: Is there a balloon payment?
A: Yes. It is called a Balloon, Residual or TRAC amount.
Usually about 10% of the value of the loaned amount.


Q: What is a Credit Authorization Form and why do I need to sign it?
A: Federal laws require that a Lender must obtain an
Applicants signature of approval in order to review
their personal credit report. If this is not done NBF will be able to do an over the phone recorded authorization.


Q: Can I pay off the finance early?
A: Yes. Contact your sales person for pay off options.


Q: Will getting this finance with NBF help me re-establish my credit?
A: Yes. This is assuming you make all the payments "As
Agreed" and fulfill the term of Lease.


Q: Will you finance a trailer if I already have a truck?
A: Yes. If the equipment qualifies and you meet the
minimum requirements.


Q: How much time will it take to get a loan approved?
A: We usually approve and fund a Lease within 48 hours
if necessary.


Q: Will you approve a loan for someone who has had a Bankruptcy?
A: Certain additional requirements are necessary but having
had a Bankruptcy does not automatically exclude you from


Q: What do I need to qualify for a loan?
A: Please call and speak with one of our area representatives
about your specific situation. Please download the "Credit Authorization Form " sign it and fax to 801-453-8031.




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